TVB-EduPack—An Interactive Learning and Scripting Platform for The Virtual Brain

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Introducing TVB-EduPack

A quick start to the TVB-EduPack

TVB-EduPack is a tool integrated with TVB graphical interface. It provides several functionalities we are going to explain one at the time. For most of the new users the reason to open EduPack for the first time is the bunch of interactive tutorials that it offers. Guiding a way through the labyrinth of TVB, EduPack not only provides support in the creation and the development of meaningful simulations of brain activity, but also in the exploration of seemingly mysterious avenues of the parameter space and the ensemble of available models. What is more, EduPack is developed by users for users, which means that anyone can create a tutorial scenario and share it with the community. All that it takes is creating an XML code. However complicated it may sound, this short example should help you to understand the structure and building blocks of the example tutorial.

Unless you are a keen developer, you should feel free to treat working with the XML code as filling the gaps. All the interesting parts of the code are the ones between tags (commands in brackets), e.g. and . The first bracket indicates the beginning of the section, the one with the backslash — it's end. What is the most interesting part to you as a creator is the space in between commands — that's where the content happens.

There are a few meaningful tags determining the workflow of the tutorial:

... ... ... ...

Other tags allow you to include texts, multimedia and interactive elements into the tutorial:

... ...


Once you have an overview of the collection of available commands, you are ready to see them at work. The very first part of the .xml file is the preamble (header????), in which we define the title of the tutorial and the first message that the user is going to see.

Batch script generator

TVB-EduPack allows you to create a batch script for your scenario. That means that with only few clicks the python(?) code is generated that can be run anytime, independently on the graphical interface, that will yield the same result as your stimulation. Why would you need one when you have a graphical interface? There are several reasons.

Batch script generator: what is it useful for where to click where is it saved how to run it


data loading and saving

EduPack resources

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