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This page is dedicated the Educases for The Virtual Brain simulation platform.
Please check back for more Educases in the future.

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Modeling brain dynamics in brain tumor patients using The Virtual Brain

H. Aerts, M. Schirner, B. Jeurissen, D. Van Roost, E. Achten, P. Ritter and D. Marinazzo

Human Brain Project (HBP) image processing pipeline for TVB

M. Schirner, P. Triebkorn, P. Ritter

Human Brain Project (HBP) TVB-NEST co-simulation

D. Perdikis, L. Domide, M. Schirner, P. Ritter

TVB-NEST co-simulation on local computer

D. Perdikis, L. Domide, M. Schirner, P. Ritter

Linking molecular pathways and large-scale computational modeling to assess candidate disease mechanisms and pharmacodynamics in Alzheimer’s disease

Stefanovski, L., P. Triebkorn, A. Spiegler, M.-A. Diaz-Cortes, A. Solodkin, V. Jirsa, A. R. McIntosh and P. Ritter

An automated pipeline for constructing personalized virtual brains from multimodal neuroimaging data

M. Schirner, S. Rothmeier, V. Jirsa, A. R. McIntosh, P. Ritter

Inferring multi-scale neural mechanisms with brain network modelling

M. Schirner, A. R. McIntosh, V. Jirsa, G. Deco, P. Ritter